My home town is the historic City of Bath in the United Kingdom although I now live in nearby Bristol. My interest in photography was sparked by the gift of a camera from a close relative in the late 1970's. I progressed on to study photography at Salisbury College of Art between 1979-81. Having had my first job as press photographer at Butlins, Barry Island in 1982 (great fun!) recently made famous by TV's 'Gavin & Stacey' I went freelance in 1983 when a commission arrived from American Express to document a travel conference in The Hague

Moving to Bristol in 1984, for 4 years I assisted an American advertising photographer, Scott Morrison who specialized in food photography - clients included prominent food retailers like Marks & Spencer. For many years I worked out of my own advertising studio, then moved into landscape photography when I began to get commissions from the Countryside Agency (now Natural England) photographing the English landscape. Now wanting to share my knowledge I have begun to teach photography courses & have done so successfully for the last 3 years

Other than photography I have always been involved in community events. This is what inspired my square9 project - if you're in Bristol & you'd like to have a look there are some commissioned images on the wall in the Hen & Chicken (The Comedy Box) pub in Southville, Bristol.

As a reaction to the number of cars on the road in Bristol, about 10 years ago, myself & three others started the City Car Club. This was essentially a car share club & had one objective - to reduce the rate of car ownership in Bristol. We satrted with one car in Norton Road, Knowle, Bristol, UK. The car club idea grew - there are now over 50 cars in Bristol alone.

I continue to work as a photographer but now also enjoy sharing my knowledge with others - come along to a workshop & find out!